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Europe: hundreds of thousands of protesters

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1 Europe: hundreds of thousands of protesters on Sun May 13, 2012 3:27 pm


chanting "they do not represent us," tens of thousands took to the streets in Madrid early 13-5 marched against the Spanish government and the austerity package.

Puerta del Sol Square on 12-5 - Photo: Getty Images

Rally held to celebrate the first event they call the 15-5 movement.

The government previously had a deadline on 12-5 22g (local time) to the crowd in the square Puerta del Sol disbanded, but some people do not light 13-5 much less.

The protesters with thousands and tens of thousands who had gathered over the weekend in Barcelona and about 80 other cities around Spain.

About 2,000 riot police were deployed, but the protests have been relatively peaceful.

The protest took place in May this year in another context than last year: a conservative government currently in power, from the month 12-2011.

The economic crisis in Spain has been worse since last year. Southern European countries fall into this recession with the unemployment rate rose to 24% and 50% for those under 25. The government is planning the austerity measures worth billions of dollars attached to raise taxes to reduce budget deficits.

In England, about 600 people gathered before the Bank of England to protest and sporadic clashes took place between police and protesters, with at least 12 arrests. The protesters erected 11 tented area next to it and lifted the sheet bangron protest.

Demonstrators in Valencia - Picture: Reuters

The protesters in the center of the capital of Portugal Lisbon

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