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To become more attractive eyes

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1 To become more attractive eyes on Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:03 pm



A dramatic eye color lip color light comes with slack will make her the center of the night party with deadly charm emanates from his eyes.

Make a silver

A style is a lot of interest in the girl this fall as silver eye makeup. With this point, you should use black mascara to make lashes impressive. Meanwhile, the red lipstick should choose natural tones, nude base.

Silver is often associated with cold, so the tone color blush would suggest more effective to warm the face.

Two colors make suggestions to the eyes is impressive stalactites and silver gray. Powder coated gray eyes on the entire election, then hit the silver for the eye sockets to create shimmering effect.

Denim personality

Violet blue would suit dresses with bright colors or tones. Experts suggest the nails blue denim is also consistent with these girls have a strong personality. Combined with a pink blush and lipstick training is most effective with cold tones and this impressive.

Greening the eye and edge denim for elected lower eyelids, and then generate light with a lighter tone to the eye socket and eyebrow bones.

Color purple romance

A deep lipstick color wine as it would be to combine theory with purple eye shadow. Style consistent with open shoulders dress and hair style classic problem. If you are afraid of colors too warm, you can create fresh green moss to the rim with lower eyelids.

The purple for the upper eyelid, while the lower eyelids create fresh with a blue border fresh moss.


The blue stone is also very suitable for autumn and winter this year. If you plan to pick a black dress, it will be interesting style. The lipstick you may only need a lipstick. While the need for public eye with the black eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow.

Powder coated gray for the entire upper eyelid and lower eyelids elected. Then with the selected line mi-tone blue stone. Combine water eyeliner and mascara for dramatic lashes.
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