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Men like to conquer women ... goofy

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1 Men like to conquer women ... goofy on Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:04 pm



A study has revealed that men seem to be programmed to search for women seems silly, because when it conquered their way easier.

The research team said, basically, men are species changed little since prehistoric times, when their ultimate goal is to reproduce.

The American scientists have talked to a group of men and women, to establish a list of 88 factors that cause women "vulnerable to abuse" or "trying to get others attention" - as those who prefer lip or look foolish.

Then, the scientists at the University of Texas-Austin for 76 other men see photos of women showing the behavior or characteristics, and ask them to assess the extent of her desire for her daughter.

As a result, men do not think that the physical characteristics of women - as low - is attractive. Instead, the psychological characteristics - such as the girls immature or less intelligent - will be more appreciated. Men also ranked these girls more attractive than the girls is described as intelligent.

However, the excitement of men decreased when asked whether they prefer to pursue long-term relationship with a girl "realize."

Psychologist Jean Hannah Edelstein said: "It's not a formula or to have a relationship happy if mate selection based on what you feel about the worse of him".
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