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Fresh milk - the magic material beauty

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1 Fresh milk - the magic material beauty on Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:05 pm



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Fresh milk is not only nutritious drink that is also seen as a panacea beauty is very effective.

Formula milk fresh beauty from very simple but very effective back unexpectedly. When tired trouble sleeping, use a glass of milk heated. Fresh milk can also help dry skin, dull black becoming light and smooth.

Milk contains substances mainly as saturated fat, protein and calcium and vitamin C. Fresh milk is a drink special, which provides more nutrients and it smells delicious. Milk also works wonders with women's beauty.

Long, people have known for the beauty milk. The drops of white milk contains proteins, enzymes, acids help to overcome the evidence latic peeling face, acne, rough skin, moisturize and smooth skin, anti aging, help skin against environmental damage from outside. If we combine the milk with massage, the better the efficiency.

If possible, you should soak in a tub of milk flooded 2 times a week. This gives your skin the necessary moisture. To give the body a specific scent, you can use the gentle flower that smells like roses, chrysanthemum, jasmine petals by getting crushed, mixed with fresh milk bath.

If there is no preparation time at home, you can go to the beauty salon spa. But this costly so it is common to institutions of different beauty products derived from milk, such as shower gels, body lotions can ...

If you still want to use natural milk, you can use less costly way to meld a cup of honey in the bathtub with 2 cups of fresh milk. Then soak 20-30 minutes, every week with this mixture shower about 2 times.

Use fresh milk for washing and beauty is a very common and popular. Milk skin becomes firmer, smoother white, anti-wrinkling, increase moisture and also helps the skin absorb nutrients very well.

Apart from the direct use, raw milk can also be used in combination with some other products to maximize efficiency, such as honey, rose petals, essential oils ... You should also increase milk in daily diet. Fresh milk has a robust effect in preventing osteoporosis, preventing some skin diseases and reason from within.

You can also easily mask processing the milk skin care simple as:

- Milk and lemon mask: a few drops of fresh lemon into a glass of milk, stir. Use a mixture of said facial massage for 10 minutes then rinse with water. This mixture just work exfoliating, will close the pores is to increase moisture.

- Mask of milk, fresh lemon and fresh technology: a few drops of fresh lemon into a glass of milk, stir, then add ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix the crushed mixture smooth. Apply to face and massage lightly. This mixture works out moisture, nutrients from fresh technology also help regenerate damaged skin. In a short time, you will have your skin bright and smooth.
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